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erwin by Quest Portfolio

erwin by Quest offers an integrated, automated platform that combines enterprise modeling and data intelligence software to help you maximize the business impact of your data. Through its data modeling, data catalog, data quality, data literacy and data marketplace capabilities, erwin provides an automated, holistic approach to data management, data governance and data intelligence. IT, governance teams and business users alike have the enterprise data visibility and self-service capabilities to discover, understand, govern, socialize and leverage high-value data to move your organization forward while mitigating risk.

What software is a part of the erwin by Quest portfolio?

erwin by Quest helps organizations see how data flows through and impacts all their business, technology and data architectures to power every critical decision. Companies using erwin by Quest typically start by implementing one component – tackling data modeling, data intelligence or enterprise architecture first – and then expand and integrate complementary components over time. That way you can focus on your most urgent needs first, deliver organizational value quickly, and align incremental technology investments accordingly. The erwin by Quest portfolio includes:

erwin Data Modeler

The first and most trusted data modeling software, including NoSQL data modeling.

erwin Data Intelligence

An enterprise data intelligence and data governance platform with data catalog, data literacy, data quality, data marketplace and automation capabilities.

erwin Data Catalog

Software that automates the processes involved in harvesting, integrating, activating and governing enterprise data according to business requirements.

erwin Data Quality

Integrated data quality capabilities to automate data profiling and data quality assessment, deliver data quality visibility, and address data remediation.

erwin Data Literacy

Business glossary management and self-service data discovery tools to curate, associate, govern and socialize data assets within a business context.

erwin Data Connectors

Automatically scan, integrate and activate metadata from across your data landscape within erwin Data Catalog, as well as automate your development lifecycle.

erwin Evolve

A full-featured, configurable set of enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis tools.